• And so it begins…

    Posted on March 25th, 2009 Brendan 17 comments

    It’s 1:14am and I’m tired, but I want to get this blog ready. The babies are almost here… tick  tick  tick. What a wonderous event. I can’t wait.


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    1. Wonderful news. Many cogratulations from the Virgin Islands. May they grow to be great people and wonderful sailors 🙂

    2. Beautiful!!!!!! but am i deceived–a little earlier than planned???

      Missing the opportunity to meet them in person more than you know

      love to you all.

    3. 38 weeks, early for a singleton, but right on time for twins!!

    4. Absolutely Perfect!!! I am so excited for you both. 38 weeks is awesome and their weights are wonderful. Way to go Sara!!

    5. And every so often God shines down on us and renders a sign that all is right as it should be. What a blessing. Blessings rather!

      Best to Mommy, Daddy and the Babies.

    6. Wow! What beautiful babies and very nice sizes. Times like these is when we see How Great Our God really is. Can’t wait to touch their little fingers! Sara, I hope your catching all the sleep you can there in the hospital.

    7. Much love and salutations to you all. We are blessed to have all of you here on earth with us.

    8. God has truly, truly blessed you with beautiful twin girls. I cannot get over how beautiful they are as new born. Hang on tight when they are beautiful teen age girls!
      I pray that the Lord grant you patience, give you strength and joy as you raise your wonderful babies into wonderful adults.

    9. The girls are beautiful, and Sara, I hope you are doing well. They look so “mature.” I can hardly wait to meet them, and there names are….?

    10. Oh my GOD, just saw the picture today; and I didn’t know that instantly fell in love would take my breath away. They are gorgeous! I am beyond words for you Sara. I can only imagine the magnitude of your joy.

      You do good work Dad; hope the big brothers are also doing well.

      Can’t wait to see everyone in person.

      Much, much love,

      Auntie Deidre

    11. what beautiful little girlies!! they are your miracles. you waited, they came..:)

    12. the girls are gorgeous. you waited and your miracles came.

    13. you believed in miracles and now your daughters are here.. BEAUTIFUL GIRLS.

    14. Congratulations, Brendan & Sara!

      We are so excited for you both. The girls are absolutely beautiful. Such big girls. We can see the love in Daddy’s eyes.

      And we are so glad that you named one of the girls Lily like you wanted too, Sara. What great names.

      Grace sends her congratulations, too. Maybe we can see them soon?

      Ruth & Helen

    15. Congratulations! A double dose of joy, and they’re so beautiful.

      I wish all of you happiness together for years to come.


    16. Congratulations, Sara!!! They are so, so beautiful!!! What a wonderful, loving family. I’m so happy for you I have tears in my eyes and a smile on my face.

    17. Congratulations!
      The girls are adorable!

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